Type / Thesis

Waking/Walking into Global Capitalism on the Pacific Rim:A Poetics, a Geopolitics, Some Poems

Rob Sean Wilson

Page / 37-55


“Waking in Seoul,” the book title to a 1988 poetry and prose hanbun collection, really meant “walking in Seoul.” Waking/walking in Seoul activated and embodied as a mode of poetic, proprioceptive, and ethnographic knowledge of the self-in-the-world. In this reflection presented as a revised, ongoing, and updated intervention into US Pacific Rim poetics that I first wrote and published called Waking in Seoul, I will start by examining the contradictory enframing of the Pacific Rim, Korea, and Inter-Asia as sites of contemporary cultural production and, at the core of it all, the US global displacement and transpacific de-centering now taking place in sites like Hong Kong and Taiwan and, all the more so, South Korea, Japan, and PRC China. In so doing, I will be pressurizing and building upon the contradictory world-making-and-deforming meanings of “Pacific Rim” as a cultural-production framework, and the whole meaning of “American poetics” as a project or work in such sites of trans-area area studies where the centrality and impact of American culture has been regionally transformed.

Keywords : waking/walking, global capitalism, Pacific Rim poetics, Seoul
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