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Academic Works

  ‘”She had recourse to her pen”: Radical Voices in Elizabeth Hamilton’s Memoirs of Modern Philosophers’, Romantic Textualities, 22, Spring 2017.

  ‘Enabling Narrative: Didacticism in Jane West’s A Gossip’s Story and A Tale of the Times’, Fiction and Drama, 22.1, 2012

Academic Activities

‘腐蝕的力量:論小說書寫與蕙斯特反革命論述的挶限與可能性’, to be presented at the 2016 Conference on Western Literature, Linguistics and TEFL, held at National Ilan University, 6 May, 2016. (forthcoming)

‘Anti-Jacobin women writers in the Age of Revolution’, presented at Chawton House Library Fellowship Seminar, UK, in March, 2015.

‘Colonial Interpretations in the Late Eighteenth Century: Elizabeth Hamilton’s Feminist Construction of the East’, delivered at ‘Romantic Connections’, the Annual Conference of Northern American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR), held at University of Tokyo, 13-15 June, 2014.

‘History and Fiction: Representing History in Elizabeth Hamilton’s novels’, presented at ‘Four Nations Fiction: Women and the Novel, 1780-1830’ Conference, held at University of Wales, UK, in September 2013.

‘Revolution Feminism in novels of the 1790s’, delivered at Doctoral Seminar at the Department of English, King’s College London, UK, in January 2013.

‘Through Trade Cards: Rudolph Ackermann’s Repository of Arts’, delivered at ‘Writing Materials: Women of Letters from Enlightenment to Modernity’ Conference, jointly held by Victoria and Albert Museum and King’s College London, UK, in November 2012.

Academic Honors

Academia Sinica Fellowship (for Doctoral Candidates in the Humanities and Social Sciences), 2015-2016

Visiting Fellowship (awarded by Chawton House Library, jointly with University of Southampton), 2015

Travel Grant, Northern American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR), 2014

Sheila Birkenhead Award, The Keats-Shelley Association, 2014

The Sir Richard Stapley Award, 2014

Research Grant, School of Arts and Humanities at King’s College London, 2013; 2014

Travel Grant, Department of English at King’s College London, 2014

Studying Abroad Scholarship (the Ministry of Education in Taiwan), 2012-2014



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